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the trouble with life is there's no background music

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my mom is going into surgery tomorrow. and i don't know if i'll be there with her.
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I will miss those lips and everything attached to them.  Seriously.
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Spring Break....

Despite my wonderous attempts or thoughts of going to NYC... I realise now wasn't a good time... duh.  I spent a good bit in Charleston and then came back to work.  Had some quality time with my mom... and a bit with the grandparents.  Had lunch with Michael- caught up a bit with him... and Dill as well.  Got to catch up with Bob and Nancy too....  
Current hometown gossip... Bryan and Haley are gonna have a baby... I feel old... hahaha... and Michael is planning engagement with Lauren over this summer.  

I spent a good bit reading... and downtown... worked on my photo project, too.

Came back Wednesday -worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday... Watched the game at work... it was pretty awesome and got interviewed the next day... hahaha- haven't read the article yet.  And yesterday was Jason's bday so Brandy and I went out with him and his friend, Chase.  Luke was there in spirit or should I say drunken dialing... 

On a sidenote...

Theatre is NOT the Torrell Martin MAJOR!!!! Thank you very very very much.... had to get that out.... 

other than that... things are going alright... 

my last event is this coming weekend and so is PETE YORN... ah woo hoo!
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Sometimes I feel that I want the rose colored glasses back. 
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People talk about their 40 hour days and I think 'Wow, you're lucky'   My days don't even compare.  Try multiplying 12 x 5.  And that sometimes is low balling it.  Saturdays are my only 'free' days, but I'm either photo shooting, writing, reading or preparing an event.  I try to catch up on sleep but it rarely happens.

I  have work and school.  I'm not complaining about school- I love my classes and for once they are actually making me want to do all of the work - I mean every class.... there isn't one that doesn't make me want to do anything.  I've at least had one each semester that I wasn't pumped about.  And as for work... it is the easiest job and I need money.  

When I'm not working or going to school I'm either cooking food for the next day's or week's lunch and/or dinner or attempting sleep.  Also- not to forget DSU.  I thank goodness that I only have 3 events this semester.  I barely get to go to full events except the Saturday ones.  This weekend - I'm so looking forward to it. Luke and Co.... woooo!

It's just odd to me to say 'I don't have time" and mean it.  This week has been hard and it's only Tuesday.  I have community service to do for my class on top of the others.  So if you see me- don't take me seriously.  I'm either rushed, tired, or hungry... but I still love you anyways.  

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my psuedo was once a hippie- feminstic mother... just said she isn't a feminist and I got in an argument with her telling her that she is.  i just die inside a little. apparently she doesn't want to be 'put in a box' -whatever that means.  this woman set a good few values for me as a woman and now she's being a punk ass. sometimes i want to smack her upside the head and say wake up! love the woman to death, but she has really been frustrating me a lot and I hate that.  I feel that we are growing apart and it sucks.
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so on the plus side- it looks as though the democrats are taking over... and it really looks like a good thing for us. don't think the stupid amendment was thrown out- how can you define love? marriage is a commitment, an expression of love... doesn't matter if you love a man or a woman... anyway, it looks like there will be alcohol on sundays in rock hill. and our re-elected state leader was too 'brilliant' to remember his registration card- therefore he couldn't vote. yay, it's bad enough this state gets labeled stupid, but now at least we have an excuse... thank you mark sanford.
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That would because I am from the south... I guess when you move to the west during your 'devopling' years it helps you out? I;m just a ramblin...
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my new hero is this kid who amanda used to teach- he came along with some other kids and his parents to the bookstore last night. his costume won at the galleria... what was it you ask? a whoopie cushion. and yes he had sound effects too. amazing. :)
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